How does Dual Language Education Work?

Listen to Diane August, managing researcher at American Institutes for Research, explain some of the key distinguishing elements of dual language programs as well as some of the challenges faced by school districts in implementing them.

The report referenced in this video was published in 2015 and presented an analysis of related research and the data related to dual language education policies and practices at that time. The report was a joint production of the U.S. Department of Education with the American Institutes for Research.

The full report referenced is available here at Click the title below to read the report here, or click the download button to save your own copy as a PDF file.

Function over Form in English Language Instruction

Experiences that require active use of the language are essential for successful language acquisition. Studying the grammar of a language without using that language in meaningful contexts never leads to real fluency.

In the following TED talk Roberto Guzmán highlights the essential nature of creating opportunities for language use in the classroom that mimic use of the language outside the classroom. This is nothing new. What sets the talk apart is the level to which Guzmán incorporates critical thinking (logic) into his work with students. Real-world language activities coupled with high levels of critical thinking can and does lead to dramatic improvement in language use.

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